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          Company profile
          Pengzhou xinhai ceramics co., LTD is located in guihua town, pengzhou, the hometown of west shu ceramics. Since its establishment, pengzhou xinhai ceramics co. In recent years, the company has made bold technological innovation and equipment transformation, and steadily improved product quality and output.
          "New" sea sponge blue bricks, selection of natural minerals as raw materials in nature, the high temperature above 1000 ℃ calcination. In the same kind of products, the texture is better, the color is more natural and moist, rough and generous, natural and natural, not only has the natural beauty of returning to the simplicity, but also has a strong cultural atmosphere and fashion sense.
          New sea sponge green brick and contact surface of the high degree of bonding, has a strong anti-stripping. High folding strength, low water absorption rate, moisture-proof, acid and alkali resistance, anti-freeze, heat preservation, sound absorption, non-radiation, and neutralization of haze, all performance indicators completely meet the national standards. It can be widely used in the decoration of building interior and exterior walls, ground, square, school, villa and other places.